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Artists Statement:
My name is Judy Arrigotti and I found a new canvas . . . the gourd.
I have been teaching art to children and adults for over thirty years. All my drawing and painting experience contributes to the style I use in my gourd art.

My goal is to be original in the way I see and interpret my ideas. My daily experiences and personal philosophy influence my subject choices. The contributions of Native American, African, Asian and other cultures are reflected in my Story Gourds. My years of teaching and love of children are evident in the many gourds I have created using children as a theme. I'm constantly studying my surroundings and looking for new ideas.
I enjoy the challenge of creating unique originals. Every piece is one of a kind and you can own the only one in the world!

When I retired to pursue my art full time I opened my studio/gallery for guests. Visitors are welcome by appointment.
Many of my pieces are on display and are for sale, however, I will do commission work if you have specific requests.

I also do 2 dimensional paintings in Oils and Acrylics on canvas and 3D Clay sculptures. Most of my paintings are large 4'x5' works and some are included in the slide show.